How to play the E chord on the ukulele?

You can play the same chords pressing different fret. It's called different voicing.

You can try each one and feel what you like the best.


Mostly recommended

What is recommended is 4442.

You achieve this by bending your ring finger to bar the first , second and thirst string to press the 4th fret, and using your index finger to press the 2nd fret.

This is how I did it from the first time I played this chord on the ukulele.

However, this is hard to do.

You can of course train your finger to get better, but there are other options you may consider to play it differently.


Shape of E

E Am7

Change chords

E Am

Alternate with fingerpicking (E chords, fingerpicking on E, Am, ...)

E 4447

Exercises E 4447

Try it now.

## Play E 1402 This fingering is probably the easiest. You can try and see for yourself. ### Exercises E 1402 Try it now. ## Play 4447 You remember how you play the C chord? 0003. E is two tones (??2 or 4 tones?) higher, 4 semi-tones, thus 4 frets higher. Hence 4447.

Exercises E 4447

Try it now.

BUT different people, different fingers, easier sometime, harder sometime. Play accordingly. (quote: do with what you have. (?forest gump?)). I can't do things that other can. Adapt, and use a work-around.

A word about voicing

As mentioned, voicing is .... .

Once you are familiar to one, you may sometime want

Like each chord, play it, feel it.

Then play slowly, string after string. Is the sound clear for each string? If not, you may want to readjust the position of some fingers.

Similar chords that sounds OK

Similar chords than the E chord may sound just fine if you replace E with them. It may work for some music , but may not sound as good in others.


E7 is the seventh counterpart of E.

Seventh chords are very often used in rockabilly songs (and otherse?). You can thus interchange E and E7 if you wish in these kind of music.

Other E based chords

Here are other chords that you can try:

Edim : 0101

Eaug: 1004

Emaj7: 1302

E6: 4444

E9: 1222

Esus2: 4422

Esus7: 3344

Use a capo

It might be easier to use a capo, and put it on the 4th fret. So instead of playing a E, you'll play a C. It'd be much easier, right?

You don't know what is a capo ? You ignore why it would be useful?

Don't hesitate to comment down, and I'll write an article to explain you why.

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