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  • From 8 to 108
  • Learn and Progress
  • with Fun

Ukulele for adults

Stephanie, happy ukulele student Stephanie

Progress. With fun!

You will learn chords step by step, while singing songs that you love. You we be able to also learn to play melodies, one note after the other.

With a motivating teacher by your side and regular classes, it will be easier for you - you will learn and grow faster.

I will be able to adapt to your progress while remaining attentive to your aspirations.

So go for it, give me a shout - first lesson free anyway :)

Already a ukulele player?

Here are examples of what you can improve with us.

Learn what interest you and improve what you are passionate about!

I will help you to:

  • identify blocking problems to free yourself musically
  • improve the sound quality of what you play
  • improve the rhythm
  • resume regular music while staying motivated if you wish
  • synchronise chords and vocals
  • learn finger picking
  • play music on a staff
  • get your hands on new techniques
  • develop the ear
  • start music improvisation
  • discover music theory to better understand what you play

And much more.

So improve your skills and get more confidence from today!

Ukulele for kids

Lilly, happy ukulele student Lilly (9 y.o.)

With YouCoolele, children learn music from 7 years old! Progress with fun! At their own pace, because each child is different.

Our ukulele tuition will allow your child to:

  • acquire musical basics
  • improve their sense of rhythm
  • hone their musical ear
  • learn the basics of music theory.

What people say?

Timothy, happy ukulele student Thimothy
Great Ukulele teacher! We feel the passion for music and the pleasure of teaching. I recommend! - Thimothy
Lilly, happy ukulele student Lilly (9 y.o.)
Nicholas is a good Ukulele teacher. He explains me well how to play and we also laugh together. - Lilly (9 y.o.)
Nicholas is excellent. He adapts his teaching to the level at which the student plays - Marc
Hugo, happy ukulele student online Hugo online via Skype
Nicholas has the art of teaching theory with fun exercises. His enthusiasm is contagious and his courses are tailor-made. I recommend Nicholas of course.
Stephanie, happy ukulele student Stephanie
Nicholas is a pedagogical and very patient music teacher. He listens to students and knows how to adapt his speech to each level.
His experience in music and his knowledge of music theory make him a professional.
- Stephanie
Nicholas is a great teacher according to my wife and my daughter loves him. We recommend Nicholas without any hesitation! - Arnaud
Bruno, happy ukulele student Bruno
I also thank you for your lessons, finally your support, which I find very fair and very attentive to needs, and for that I thank you very much. - Bruno
Nicholas was very quickly appreciated by our 7-year-old daughter. She agreed immediately to take Ukulélé classes until the end of the school year. Nicholas has a lot of patience with the children, he knows how to speak to them, to stand up to them and to pass on his knowledge to them. I would recommend it willingly. - Emilie

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About me

Your ukulele teacher Nicholas - Hello!

I am Nicholas, I've been a musician since I was a kid. I first learned music theory, then played cello 9 years. I've always been hooked on string instruments, cello, mandolin, then I fell in love with the ukulele.

I was so keen on it it has totally became a passion. I love playing it, singing with it, and also teaching it to kids, teens and adults.

So ready to learn ukulele - or rather you-cool-ele?!!

It's more convenient, saves the commute time as it is online courses! Less travel time, more fun music practice time!

Learn ukulele online with courses on Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Google meet or Discord.

Ukulele for Clowns 🤡

The ukulele is a fun, colorful, small instrument. It's perfect to include in clowns acts.

If you want ukulele lessons to include this in your clown acts, feel free to contact me.

Learn the mantras/bhajans 𑁍

Many of my students love learning and playing mantras/bhajans to help them relax. It's a great way to learn ukulele.

If you want ukulele lessons to learn mantras or bhajans feel free to contact me.

Learn Baritone Ukulele

Baritone ukulele has got a different way of playing chords than its counterparts: the soprano, tenor, and concert ukulele. It's got a lower pitch, is bigger, but has still four strings.

If you want baritone ukulele lessons feel free to contact me.

Classical or baroque music on the ukulele ♫

Bach, Vivaldi, Brahms, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy: playing them on the ukulele will give you a unique approach of the instrument. Many of their music could be adapted to the ukulele, and I'm here to help you learn playing music from these amazing composers.

If you want ukulele lessons and learn classical or baroque music, feel free to contact me.

Group lesson 🧍🧍🧍🧍

I will offer online group lesson twice a week. Group lesson is a fun way to learn music: it helps you to connect with others and enables students to motivate each other to progress even better.

If you want group lessons feel free to contact me.

Learn banjolele

Banjolele has got the sound of the banjo but with a fretted ukulele neck. Chords are played in the same way than ukulele's. And of course, you can play into the banjolele's repertoire.

If you want banjolele lessons feel free to contact me.

Learn Tahitian Ukulele 🌴

Tahitian ukulele is different from "normal" ukulele. The strings are not quite the same and it has a higher pitch the its Hawaiian counterpart.

If you want Tahitian ukulele lessons feel free to contact me.

Learn ukulele while practicing your French 🇫🇷 / 🇬🇧

Besides speaking fluent English, I'm a native French speaker. I have students whose primary language is French, and others whose primary language is English.

So even if your French is not perfect, you will enjoy the ukulele lessons and improve your music skills as well as your French.

You will study and learn French songs. It could be folk songs, or "old" songs like Edith Piaf, Jaques Brel, but also modern songs, depending of your interest.

Join the fun, and learn and improve your ukulele skills while practicing your French!