Why ukulele is the best instrument?

Why is the ukulele so popular?
Ukulele is easy to start with, you can take it everywhere with you, it's versatile, it's good this great Hawaiian vibe
Ukulele has a great vibe and a cute sound. But is there more to it?

Welcome in the ukulele bandwagon!

If you are reading these lines, it's very likely that you too are a fan of ukulele, or a fan in the making.


Ukulele is just an amazing instrument to play, so much fun, and a delight to listen to.

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Why have I started playing ukulele?

I've always loved music since young age. I've learned it since I was 8 in a music school. Then I played cello. Then I had to stop as I needed to focus on studies.

A few years latfer, I was thinking about a present for my nephew who has LOVED music since he was a baby. And bim, here we were : a ukulele of course. It's small enough for a 6 years old, it's all about music, and it sounds just great. And it's not a toy, it's a music instrument!!

But in the laps of time between the moment I purchased it, and the time I offered it, I tried playing uk'. And I totally loved it from the first note! I couldn't take my hand off it, and sooner than later, I planned to buy it one for myself.

And since then I've never stopped!!

And you? Why have your started the ukulele? Let me know in the comment section below!

It's portable

I can carry it everywhere. If I go grab a coffee with a friend downtown, I can take it with me, arrive a little early a play in a park. If I go on holiday visit my sister, I can take it with me and play it to her baby girl - yes, she's all-hears to music! If I take the train to Paris to listen to a huge rock concert, I take it with me to play the following day.

It's much smaller than a guitar, a lot lighter, and thus much easier to carry it around. Anywhere, anytime.

That said, be aware that it's kinda fragile too: its thin wood layer won't resist if someone step on it by mistake - so make sure to put it in an extra safe place if you sit down at a coffee shop or a bar. You don't want to discover there's a crack in your titanic, otherwise it's bye-bye to the music.

You can train everyday. Don't skip a week-end or a week, just because you went visit your favorite family cook, Oncle Roger. Brink your uke' and make him groove to a little lick.

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You can play almost anything

The ukulele is a very versatile instrument. That's one of the reason it's fantastic!

You can strums, play chords, play fingerpicking. It's fabulous. You can also drum, and have fun doing so - even if it's somewhat limited.

Strum drum pick!

Sing, whistle. Oh yeah, you can sing along, or whistle as much as you want. It seems logic, but it's rather hard to sing while playing the flute, right? It might be a little bit tricky.

Strum, drum, pick, sing, whistle.

Andddd... dance. I mean, if you wish. You are free to stand up and move as you wish. People dance with a violin (like Lindsey Stirling), you can do the same with the ukulele. OK, maybe I've just got too carried on, but you are free to move around, something you can't with some instrument, like the cello, or the piano.

I've learned cello for years, and when I was a young adult, not being able to stand up and walk around while playing was a bit frustrating.

The ukulele is the solution!

Stand up. Move.


Strum, drum, dance, pick, singe, whistle.


OK, that said, what's cool about the ukulele is that every song you can play on the guitar and sing along, you can play them on the ukulele.

You can play a C chord on the ukulele. It'll have a different fingering than on the guitar, but it'll be an C chord. The same for G, Am and F: you can play them on the guitar, and you can play them on the ukulele too. With that, you can play Let it Be by the Beatles.


Great melodies and candy to the ears are not reserved only to viola, or such instrument.

Yes, you can play melodies, arpeggios, solos and classical music with your ukulele. You can finger pick the strings, and have a great time with that.

How to strum a ukuelele correctly?

Millions of guitar sheets you can use

As mentioned earlier, you can play chords to

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People love the cute sound of it

Singing isn't your thing? Ukulele is for you

Fingerpick !

If you love singing

Such a cool vibe

Relax, you're on holiday. Everyday of the week!

It's for everybody!

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