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Ukulele lessons

  • From 5 to 105
  • Learn and Progress…
  • …with Fun

Ukulele lessons for kids and adults

Ukulele lessons for adults

Stephanie, happy ukulele student Stephanie

Learn to play the ukulele with me: progress, with fun!

You will learn chords step by step while singing music you enjoy. You can also learn to play melodies by playing one note after another.

I will be a motivating teacher by your side. It will be easier for you to learn and progress.

I'll tailor the lessons to match your progress and goals.

Give it a shot and send me a message - the first lesson is free :)

I start my
ukulele journey now!

Already a ukulele player?

I can help you to:

  • Discover the obstacles that hold back your musical progress
  • Find ways to overcome them
  • Coordinate chords, rhythm, and vocals for a harmonious performance
  • Get regular music practice sessions
  • Stay motivated
  • Expand your repertoire of techniques
  • Learn the skill of finger picking
  • Improve the sound quality of what you play
  • Explore reading and playing music notation on a staff
  • Improve your confidence

And much more!

Ukulele lessons for kids

Lilly, happy ukulele student Lilly (9 y.o.)

Thrive by learning to play the ukulele.

With me, children from 5 years old can start learning music in a fun and progressive way.

At their own pace. Because each child is different.

My ukulele tuition program is designed to:

  • help children learn musical basics
  • improve their sense of rhythm
  • hone their musical ear
  • learn the basics of music theory

In addition to all this, learning with me will help:

  • get more self-confidence
  • the cognitive development of your child
  • movement synchronization
  • improve their patience and ability to concentrate

What students say about my ukulele lessons?

Timothy, happy ukulele student Thimothy
Great Ukulele teacher! We feel the passion for music and the pleasure of teaching. I recommend! - Thimothy
Lilly, happy ukulele student Lilly (9 y.o.)
Nicholas is a good Ukulele teacher. He explains me well how to play and we also laugh together. - Lilly (9 y.o.)
Nicholas is excellent. He adapts his teaching to the level at which the student plays - Marc
Hugo, happy ukulele student online Hugo online via Skype
Nicholas has the art of teaching theory with fun exercises. His enthusiasm is contagious and his courses are tailor-made. I recommend Nicholas of course.
Stephanie, happy ukulele student Stephanie
Nicholas is a pedagogical and very patient music teacher. He listens to students and knows how to adapt his speech to each level.
His experience in music and his knowledge of music theory make him a professional.
- Stephanie
Nicholas is a great teacher according to my wife and my daughter loves him. We recommend Nicholas without any hesitation! - Arnaud
Bruno, happy ukulele student Bruno
I also thank you for your lessons, finally your support, which I find very fair and very attentive to needs, and for that I thank you very much. - Bruno
Nicholas was very quickly appreciated by our 7-year-old daughter. She agreed immediately to take Ukulélé classes until the end of the school year. Nicholas has a lot of patience with the children, he knows how to speak to them, to stand up to them and to pass on his knowledge to them. I would recommend it willingly. - Emilie

Get started with YouCoolele

About me

Your ukulele teacher Nicholas - Hello!

Meet Nicholas, your ukulele teacher.

My journey as a musician began in my childhood. I played cello 10 years in my youth.

8 years ago, I fell in love with the ukulele.

I was so keen on it it has totally became a passion. I love playing it, singing with it.

I've played music more than 18 years and I am keen to teach you my passion.

I love teaching children, teenagers, and adults. I have the necessary qualities of patience, passion, and pedagogy to do it effectively, in a relax way.

So ready to learn ukulele - or rather you-cool-ele?!!

Beside pop, rock, folk music...

Learn the mantras/bhajans 𑁍

Many of my students love learning and playing mantras/bhajans to help them relax. It's a great way to learn ukulele.

If you want ukulele lessons to learn mantras or bhajans feel free to contact me.

Classical or Baroque music on the Ukulele ♫

Bach, Vivaldi, Brahms, Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Debussy: playing them on the ukulele will give you a unique approach of the instrument. Many of their music could be adapted to the ukulele, and I'm here to help you learn playing music from these amazing composers.

If you want ukulele lessons and learn classical or baroque music, feel free to contact me.

Ukulele for Clowns 🤡

The ukulele is a fun, colorful, small instrument. It's perfect to include in clowns acts.

If you want ukulele lessons to include this in your clown acts, feel free to contact me.


All in all, if you are searching for private ukulele class, for your ukulele tutor, or even for professional ukulele lessons, you're in the right place! ♫ ♪♫ One-to-one Ukulele Lessons from 7 to 117 years old ♪ ♫♪
Maybe you are searching for amazing private ukulele lessons? I'm here to provide amazing ukulele individual classes to spread the joy of playing ukulele. Maybe it's for your kid, a 5 years old, or 6 years old, or even a 7 years old girl or boy? Don't hesitate to get in touch. Kids are more than happy to learn ukulele with me. Are you looking for ukulele lessons near me? I mean, near you? North Vaucluse

You can now learn ukulele conveniently from home with online courses on Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, Google meet, or Discord.